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Philip Hoare

I had my first Breathwork experience in September 2013. During that first session I experienced real relaxation of mind and body for the first time in my life. So I proceeded with a series of Breathwork sessions which I found quite hard work but during which I experienced for the first time a number of altered states of consciousness. This proved to me that there is much more to life than what we can hear taste touch see and smell, and gave me the motivation to develop my understanding of spiritual matters and my own level of consciousness.

Much frustration at my lack of progress followed but insight by insight I was able to move forward. I attended the National Breathwork Conference in November 2017 and took some giant steps in consciousness because of a number of amazing experiences while Breathing, with the great help of a gifted facilitator. These experiences were astounding both physically and emotionally. And to top all of this off I have a son who is a Breathwork practitioner so I have the great luxury of ready access to Breathwork and to his great wisdom on a regular basis. I have tried other modalities which were beneficial but Breathwork has had by far the most profound effect on my life. - Philip Hoare, 70 years.

I had my first breathwork session as I prepared to give birth to my first child, and it stood out as ensuring that I go deeper towards the truth of myself that any counseling had enabled. Breathwork has always taken me beyond what I already know. It has enabled me to resolve the unresolved events from my past and to heal the incomplete and hurt parts rather than develop strategies to deal with them. So the pain I carried doesn't hurt any more. Its memory is there, and I can sit beside it, acknowledge and hold it, but it no longer runs the show. I have developed significantly as a result, and found a tenderness and compassion for myself and for others that was previously unimaginable. For me it has been like breaking out of the chains - who I thought I was was small, hurt and broken. Who I actually am is incredibly capable, deeply loving and quite peaceful.


Cindy Aulby

Joshua Van Asha

Breathwork revolutionised my ability to create the relationships that I truly wanted within my life. When I was a teenager and young adult I found it extremely difficult to relate to other people. I was always second-guessing myself by thinking ‘did I say the right thing?’, ‘did I do the right thing?’ or ‘did I act in the right way?’ towards the individual that I wanted to form a relationship with. The result of this experience and mind-set was a low self-esteem and very low self-confidence.

I first experienced Breathwork as a young adult and through my sessions I uncovered something that I had ignored my whole life, something vital… my feelings and emotions. From the moment that I started connecting with the feelings and emotions which are constantly arising within my body, my relationships changed. They changed from awkward, uncertain, unfulfilling interactions into confident, mutually beneficial, loving relationships.

It turned out that my inability to relate to other people completely made sense. I had ignored a crucial part of myself and, in doing so, I had ignored the most essential aspect of everyone I had ever interacted with. Through choosing to experience my own feelings and emotions I began to understand how to acknowledge and uplift the ones that I love. As I began to acknowledge and uplift everyone around me I found that my ability to relate was completely transformed. Through Breathwork I was able to make the most defining choice of my life: I chose to be me. It is through this choice that I have come to experience courage, fulfillment and self-love. It is through Breathwork that I have developed the ability to create truly loving relationships with everyone in my life.

Breathwork has completely changed my life from the inside out: Healing large parts of my father wound transformed my marriage from intense pain and ongoing struggle to fulfillment, ease and true intimacy. I also healed some chronic health issues by uncovering and releasing the old unconscious emotions and core beliefs that had kept them in place. Externally my life doesn't actually look that different but internally it feels completely different! I think the biggest change is the level of self love and acceptance that affects everything else in my life. Coming out of my unconscious defenses has allowed me to get to know and love myself -and hence others- more fully.

Liisa Halme

Jenny Taylor

The process of getting to know myself through breathwork has been the most rewarding journey of my life. My life was great on the outside yet somehow I felt like the life was slowly being squeezed out of my soul. Getting to know myself intimately through the power of my own breath has brought me back to myself, reconnected me with the my spirit and essence. I now stand in my own internal power with compassion, love and understanding of others and myself. Breathwork has brought me to a place where I not only love my life, I love myself. -