The Australian Breathwork Association welcomes you to become a member of the Breathwork Community in Australia.  
If you are a qualified Breathwork Practitioner, Group Facilitator or Breathwork Trainer you can join as a Professional member. If you are in training or just want to be connected to the Breathwork community you can become an Associate member. By joining the Australian Breathwork Association you are adding energy to our Vision and connecting with others who are doing the same.

Benefits of ABA Membership

Benefits of Professional Membership

  • Membership of a recognised professional Breathwork association that upholds professional standards of training, codes of ethics and practice, continuing professional education and professional supervision.
  • Access to Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Discount on ABA Breathe Australia Conference and other ABA sponsored events.
  • Listing on the ABA website, with connection to your own website and/or email.
  • Opportunity to list Breathwork related trainings, seminars and workshops on the  ABA Facebook page.
  • Access to ABA Online Mentoring events
  • Full voting rights at ABA AGM
  • Connect with other Breathwork professionals in the community

Become a Member

Fee Schedule refer below


Click on the appropriate button below to fill out your online application.


Please login to you account and go to membership section. Do the payment for your pending membership, or write to us with your account details.

Benefits of Associate Membership

  • Membership of a Breathwork community
  • Discount on ABA Breathe Australia Conference and other ABA sponsored events, including monthly Community Breathe Online (February to October)
  • Access to up-to-date information and member newsletters.
  • Access to student insurance (if applicable)

Membership Upgrade

Associate Member wishing to become professional membership, please go to New Professional Member Form


The ABA recognises and gratefully acknowledges the breathwork elders present, and those who have gone before us


A PROFESSIONAL MEMBER of the Australian Breathwork Association  holds a Breathwork qualification that complies with ​current ABA training standards.  In addition they must have Professional Indemnity Insurance and current First Aid qualification. They must also abide by the ABA Code of Ethics, undertake Continuing Professional Education, Professional Supervision and report annually when they renew membership.

The ABA requires professional Breathwork practitioners  to undertake regular Peer Support and Review. It is a required component of practice, training and continuing education for all practising professional members of the ABA.
All Breathwork practitioners, group facilitators, trainers and supervisors are required to participate  see Professional Supervision

The ABA has a number of Trainers as professional members. These wise and experience trainers are able to support others in their personal and professional journey. They may be available to support you in this way. Contact one of the trainers directly. Trainers/Mentors/Supervisers

ABA ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are lovers of the breath who want to remain connected to the Breathwork community. They may be Breathwork students, Breathwork clients, people who want to be connected to the Breathwork community, or previous professional practitioners, who do not currently meet the criteria for professional membership.

Fee Schedule:
ABA Membership is renewed annually. Reminders and invitations to renew your membership will be sent out ( 15 days before) your membership expiry date

Professional Membership
Annual Fee
Annual Membership $180.00 + joining fee (if new member)

Associate Membership
Annual Fee
Annual Associate Membership Fee $75.00 + joining fee (if new member)

One off $25.00 joining Fee
Late payment Fee $25.00

Please direct any questions to Caitlin Pearse:

You have 3 payment options:

  • Paypal
  • Direct Credit/Credit card (through Stripe)


Are you eligible for ABA Professional Membership?
To be eligible for professional membership you must have completed training that is equivalent to the minimum training requirements as set out in  (download) ABA-GB-006 Training Standards
Essentially for a Breathwork Practitioner, this is a minimum of 450 hours of Breathwork Training, including theory, practical and practicum.
You must also hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and have a First Aid Certificate
If you are working with Children you must have a current state relevant Working with Children check
NOTE: For Group Facilitator and Trainer Professional Membership there are additional requirements (refer ABA-GB-006 Training Standards)​

If yes you are eligible, check who was your Trainer?

  • Were you trained in an ABA Endorsed Breathwork Trainings?
    • If Yes,
      If you were trained through any of the ABA Endorsed Breathwork Trainings, in their nominated Endorsed Trainings you are automatically known to have met the minimum training requirements. 
      You will be asked to submit a certificate of completion or letter from the traner that has the ABA Endorsed trainings when you apply for membership. 
      Please go ahead and apply from the NEW PROFESSIONAL MEMBER
    • If No,
      • Are you a newly trained Breathwork Practitioner?
        Welcome! The ABA recognises that not all Breathwork Training Schools have had their Trainings endorsed by the ABA. This does not mean that your training does not meet the ABA minimum requirement, it just means that the ABA have no way of confirming this.
        You will be required to complete a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process in order for the ABA to confirm that your training has met the ABA Training Standard. Refer below for instructions.
      • You were  trained years ago and have been practicing in your own business for many years.​
        • Yay!, we are excited to have you coming towards the ABA Community.​
        • If you have been a member of the ABA in previous years – PLEASE CONTACT THE MEMBERSHIP OFFICER to let them know,
        • If this is your first time joining the ABA you will be required to complete a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process in order for the ABA to confirm that your training has met the ABA Training Standard.Refer below for instructions​.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) looks at the full range of your skills, knowledge and experience. 

​​These might come from:
Formal training – Breathwork Training, School, TAFE or other colleges, university, industry courses, in-service training, professional development courses etc.
Work experience – What you have learned on the job, and informal training
Life experience – Family responsibilities, hobbies, community involvement, volunteer work

  • Down load the form RPL Breathwork Practitioner in MS word.
  • Complete the form and supply any supporting evidence (please reach out of your need any help or have any questions)
  • When complete, please go ahead and apply from the NEW PROFESSIONAL MEMBER
  • Where the application form asks for your certificate, you can upload the completed RPL form
  • Send additional supporting information to
    a.  Training Certificates
    b.  List of courses, groups, Breathwork experience history