ABA Members enjoyed an informative and inspiring mentoring session with Ann Harrison this month on the morning of the AGM. Ann said “she thoroughly enjoyed the Breathwork conversations” about “Flavours of Breathwork” and was inspired by the group that interacted during the mentoring. Ann went on to say “Breathwork is in great hands moving forward” after listening to the passion and questions from the participants.

We were joined ONLINE by a range of member Breathwork Practitioners from a cross section of Breathwork schools and various locations throughout Australia. Based on member questions and organic conversations we delved into other topics such and strategies to support breathers in sessions and the ethics of caring.

ABA Member Mentoring is such a powerful addition to member support and continuous learning as we build our practice in Breathwork and attracts CPE points in accordance with the ABA Guidelines for continuous professional development.

The ABA Committee are pleased to be able to offer this service.

If you have a burning topic you would love for a Mentoring Session to cover or you are a trainer or elder in our community who would love to participate as a Mentor, please contact Jennylee at

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