Breathwork Trainings Central West Campus delivers Breathwork Training in 8 day modules. In October, students in the Central West completed an 8 day Level 1.1 Breath Awareness retreat.

Had CoVid not happened, this Spring would have seen the students graduate this level. This level will now be completed in Autumn 2021.

ABA Endorsed Trainer, Ann Harrison has been delivering Breathwork trainings twice a year in autumn and spring retreat training format for the past few years.  The 6 modules of Breathwork practitioner training completed Spring 2019. This Spring was the beginning of a new cycle.This is what Ann had to say about the Spring Training:

I like to run trainings over 8 days, because  that allows a gentle deepening of the process, and at the same time gives the participants time out to devote to themselves.

It is always humbling to be supporting the Breathwork process, and now I have discovered another enriching aspect for me as a trainer – the Student Practicum, the mentoring of a student into their own Breathwork practice.”

Ann was humbled indeed to read what one of the students in this Spring trainings, a Breathwork practitioner herself wrote:

Ann Harrison is a master Breathwork trainer. She guides with astounding clarity and compassion, always encouraging participants to access the strength and wisdom of their own inner process. She has a deep understanding of psyche and process, and guides participants to deep reservoirs of insight and assimilation. Her practices are simple, and because of their simplicity they become powerful everyday tools for participants. This training is powerful.

If you would like to know more about Breathwork training with Ann you can contact her through the Breathwork Trainings website.

Looking for a Breathwork trainer in your area? You can get to know all of the ABA Endorsed Trainers here

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