This year has been a big year for authorship in the Breathwork Community. Our wonderful community is being called to put in writing their personal experiences using Breathwork for change and transformation. Wholehearted Wonder Women 50+ just released has a chapter written by the amazing Ghislaine Bouskila.

Wholehearted Wonder Women 50+ is a collaborative book, headed by Lulu Trevena, of 22 women around the world who tell their short story, a chapter each, of how through their life experience they have discovered a different way of being. They tell their stories, genuinely and the tools they discovered or created in order to transform what was in the way of living a courageous, confident and creative life. It’s a profound sharing of testimonials that will make you laugh, cry and heal.

Ghislaine’s chapter is called Healing is love affair, the path, the truth and the life.
It’s about healing from Lyme disease and our beautiful Breathwork tool.  

About Ghislaine:

Ghislaine has been in private practice using Breathwork and Kinesiology since 2003.
Her personal journey in healing herself from Chronic Health Symptoms such as Lyme disease, Crohn’s disease and Depression combined with her clinical practice has led her to put together her Conscious Energy Medicine program using Kinesiology, Breathwork, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Psychology for the healing of one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance.
She regularly runs Conscious Breathing Workshops in Sydney; has run a Breathe Australia Conference in the past, she is the current International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) National Representative for Australia and is part of the IBF Executive Support Team working on the Future of the IBF.

Purchase a copy through Ghislaines website Conscious Energy Medicine  here

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