Tucked away in this corner of the world the Breathwork Community is alive and breathing!

When our breath and minds turn east there is a Breathwork community in New Zealand which we have been mutually reaching out to every now and then to strengthen the Breathwork community overall in this region.

At the recent Breathwok Global Inspiration Conference in California our attending team met Louise Waswo a Breathwork Practitioner for New Zealand. Eli Thomas described her recently as “one of us” after meeting and breathing with Louise in California.

Since then Louise has contacted the ABA:
“Hello, I have just returned from GIC and delighted to meet some of the Australian breath workers.  I am interested in possibly coming to the Australian Breathwork conference. If you can forward dates and information that would be great.  I would like to forward to you also the details of our Retreat in New Zealand for those that may be interested. Thank you  Arohanui(Big Love)”

It is with great pleasure that the ABA introduces you to this community “over the ditch”.
You have been invited to attend the NZAB Conference 13-15 September 2019.
At the time of writing registrations are still open until 30 August 2019. Patricia – Conference Co-ordinator (Auckland/Taupo)

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