There is so much talent among the Breathwork community in Australia and one of those little gems comes in the form of Rebecca Moore.

Some may remember Rebecca from a Breathe Australia Conference in 2014 when she played some of her beautiful music to entertain us. Rebecca started her relationship with Breathwork when she was 14 after finding a book on Breathwork at her Aunt’s place which had a huge impact on her. In 1999 Rebecca first saw Claire Belton for Breathwork sessions in Fremantle, Western Australia. She began her relationship with the ABA through an associate membership as a “friend” of Breathwork. In 2017 Rebecca commenced her Breathwork Practitioner Training with Claire Belton and graduated in April this year after moving to Perth to complete the training.

Well Rebecca has also been up to other things. 

In April this year she released a new album called “Return”. This is what Triple J Unearthed had to say about Rebecca’s work:

“Western Australian artist Rebecca Moore is an award-winning singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her songs traverse the plains of psychedelic rock, blues/roots and alternative folk.
She has supported many great artists including the Afro Celt Sound System at the Sydney Opera House, Xavier Rudd, Christine Anu, Archie Roach, the John Butler Trio, Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus), Jon Stevens and The Backsliders. She won an APRA Professional Development Award in the Rock category for her debut album ‘The Uluru Concept’. She is the co-ordinator of the Myanmar Orphans Concert Series, which raises funds and awareness for Orphans in Myanmar.

Rebecca’s new album spans a decade of touring the songlines both in Australia and the UK. It was recorded with David Sparks at Pirate Studio’s in Tathra, NSW and Martin Russell of the Afro Celt Sound System in London. Her record titled ‘Return’ was released on the 19th April 2019.”

Breathwork is a big part of Rebecca’s life and when I contacted her not long after the album’s release she wrote: “The Breathwork training was instrumental in my process around the album release, to the degree that I don’t think it would be coming out now if it wasn’t for that!” The Breathwork training has also been a huge factor in Rebecca’s healing journey with a chronic illness.
You can check out the amazing Rebecca Moore here:

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