In July, nine Aussies attended the GIC (Global Inspiration Conference) in Joshua Tree USA (Mirabai , Anne , Fey, Josh, Lisa – Canberra; Eli – Melbourne; Alakh, Ghislaine – NSW and Russel – Perth).
I have been attending the GIC for a decade and have loved every single one. 

The GIC was attended by almost 300 people, many new to Breathwork. 
Asked about the highlights…. I would say that definitely it is the community of breathers, who come together every year and share, reconnect with the breath and inspire each other. We fill each other up for the year ahead. I am so nurtured, nourished and held. It is delightful. 

The speakers this year largely focused on conscious connected breathwork and I enjoyed that SO much. It was good to reflect on the foundations of connected breathing practice, and to hear different ways of demonstrating CCB (Conscious Connected Breathwork) and holding space. There were also workshops on working with people with trauma, and also teaching teachers to use conscious breath in classrooms. 

I had a lot of fun of an evening, drumming, ecstatic dancing in community; and morning breath practices with the breathairians who taught me so much about life and prana. Truly grateful for their wisdom. 

Lastly, I have been chairing the AGM for a few years and it is THE BEST way to engage with our peers. At the AGM the IBF voted in a new definition of Breathwork – which relates specifically to Conscious Connected Breathwork. The IBF recognises that the term ‘breathwork’ is used as a blanket term for various breathing practices. Given this, there is a need for a term/definition that refers more specifically to our profession. The term Conscious Connected Breathwork was agreed to (although we are open to suggestions for a less clunky name!) and a working definition was approved. Phew! At last…we can EASILY answer the question ‘what type of breathwork do you do?’

I invite you all to join us in Sweden in 2020 – reconnect with breath, with spirit, and with our breathing community the world over.
‚ÄčLove xx Mirabai 

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