Breathwork is alive and well in Tasmania with Cindy Aulby being the lone voice for Breathwork for many years.
Over the past few years Cindy has been training a new generation of Practitioners and now has decided to step back and return to her personal practice with Breathwork sessions.

This is what Cindy writes about her Training experience:

“The Journey to the Heart Breathwork Training has now come to an end in Tasmania. It was an absolute privilege to teach the course, and I take my hat off to trainers all around the country and the very hard work they do to teach – it’s a massive task and a mighty commitment!

We celebrate six graduates of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Body Centred Counselling. Shouting out the wonderful work and stellar performance of Juliet Chapman, Ebony Prins, Leah Musik, Andrew Doube, Ninna Millikin all in Hobart, and Jenny O’Bryan who now lives and works in Melbourne. These students completed the two year training and have my heartfelt and proud recommendation as excellent Breathwork Professionals.

I’m incredibly grateful to the ABA and the community of professionals we represent – the community of trainers have been so very generous in supporting me and each other. I’m now focusing back to one to one sessions, and supervising students and practitioners, and I’m very happy to support emerging trainers to share the love and wisdom I have received!  Cindy Aulby”

The ABA is grateful for Cindy’s work and her past tenure on the committee in various roles including most recently Madam Poobah President 2016 – 2019:) We love her and appreciate her contribution to the community with her Training and graduates.

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